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Please share your feedback, ideas and suggestions below: 

As we move the conversation forward, we ask you as readers to think about these fundamental questions:

What is the central conflict between disability and abortion rights?

How can resolving human rights conflicts bring groups together?

How can these principles help bridge the differences/distrust between the disability and women’s rights movements?

How do we eradicate stigma while ensuring women’s autonomy when addressing fetal impairment exceptions?

Where can we better resolve these conflicting rights in the Nairobi Principles document?

How can the Nairobi Principles be more inclusive of the sexual and reproductive health rights of trans people?

Are there voices or perspectives in this document that are left out?

How can I use the Nairobi Principles in my work?

Do the Nairobi Principles effectively tackle ableism in all aspects of pre-natal testing and abortion? If not, where can it be addressed more effectively?

How can the Nairobi Principles inspire a more intersectional approach within the SRHRs movements?